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Yellow Low-Quality Movies!

2011 February 19
by Fiona

Thanks to Indonesian government, no Hollywood, Bollywood, or Asian movies will ever be released in all Indonesia screen from now. And the theaters will all be filled with mostly low-quality Indonesian movies. Well, I’m not saying that all Indonesian movies are sucks, but most of them are.

What will I do? Simply I’ll just download the film I want to watch 6 months later (to ensure the quality is good) :twisted: . And I believe other people will also opted to buy pirated DVDs or download the film from the Internet.

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  1. kis permalink
    May 5, 2011

    yellow, girl!.

    Hi fi . .
    hehehe, i was thinking about this b4, too.
    and i still don’t know what the reasons are, since i was lazy watching indonesian TV programme.. huh!,

    anyway, what’s the problem causing this ‘doom’ ?

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